Life is a journey and becoming better every day is the goal.

SoBeRFIT offers a state-of-the-art designed home to those struggling with substance abuse. We are a unique and secluded luxury sober house that aims to provide resources guests may use to take a systematic approach to habit change by combining standard recovery practices with physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, as well as ready access to the many treatment, therapy, and group support options that are available in the area (North Falmouth, Silver Beach vicinity).

Specialized approach for adopting new good habit

It is not enough to adopt a new habit that is merely “not harmful”. Research studies from the fields of Behavior Analysis show that a new habit works best if it has three characteristics -- and the SoBeRFIT approach features all three of them: mutual exclusivity, the capability of receiving positive reinforcement and personal satisfaction, and assisting in establishing or strengthening social relationships. The new habit has to be truly incompatible with the old one, meaning that you really can’t do both at the same time. Physical fitness and substance abuse are obviously as incompatible as habits get. Supplementing recovery with exercise also provides structure on a day to day basis. It is tough to go out drinking and wake up early to go on a jog. Exercise should also help generate new sources of positive reinforcement and personal satisfaction. Exercise helps our bodies release endorphins that are naturally pleasant, and lifestyle changes creates a genuine sense of pride. SoBeRFIT also helps the person establish or strengthen social relationships – and the changes that the SoBeRFIT approach supports set the stage for better communication and better relationships with family and old and new friends, by giving the person a new topic of conversation: “the progress I am making and how good I feel”.

Choose what you want

Pursuing the SoBeRFIT approach is purely voluntary. A guest can simply stay with us if he or she wants to enjoy a rural setting near the sea and a restful stay in our luxury accommodations. But for anyone who does participate, he or she will find resources for a broad spectrum of health and fitness activities, including workouts in a fully equipped gym, aerobic activities such as cycling classes, strength exercises, Pilates, yoga, stretching, sauna, steam room, walking/running trails, and much more. Our personal trainer(s) at SoBeRFIT work with each individual guest to create a customized approach that includes carefully selected exercises and a balanced training schedule. We make it easy for a guest to follow his or her plan. We can refer our guests to a wide range medical-psychological therapy resources as well as alternative medical and health-enhancing resources such as acupuncturists.

When our guests arrive they find to a quiet, secluded place, a paradise by the ocean, a world soothed by sounds of the sea, with sandy beaches bordered by greenery, a place of truly spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Among the sights, sounds, and fragrances of sea and land one can come to a sense of unity with nature. We offer cozy, fully-furnished rooms, attentive qualified personnel, and all the amenities for reflection, relaxation or work, according to the needs and wishes of our guests.

New facet of your life

In addition to directly benefitting the health of our guests’ bodies, the SoBeRFIT approach helps our guests create a new facet of their lives – health and fitness – a great topic of conversation with relatives and friends. This helps restore the joy of communication with their loved ones. Talking only about a person’s substance abuse problem often becomes exhausting both for the person and for those who care about him or her. The SoBeRFIT approach supplies a more positive and useful topic of conversation: all of the good things the person is doing to solve the problem by growing stronger, healthier, and more comfortable with his or her place in life.

Exercise and lifestyle change address a major aspect of the substance dependency problem.* As an article published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (part of the National Institutes of Health), indicates, in treating some very difficult addiction problems exercise is important: “Can exercise play a role in the treatment process? Yes. Exercise is increasingly becoming a component of many treatment programs and has proven effective, when combined with cognitive–behavioral therapy...” Researchers have found that runners have more brain hormones or endorphins than people of the same age and gender who live sedentary lifestyles. These hormones have an intensifying effect on many mental functions, including greater clarity of purpose and creativity. If these hormones are available in the right quantities, the person can move closer to an optimal level of mental functioning. If there is a deficiency of endorphins, a person experiences physical and mental discomfort. Many people are unknowingly drawn to alcohol and drugs precisely because they subconsciously hope that these substances will provide them with what they feel they are missing – with an artificial substitute for the hormones that their bodies are not currently producing for lack of an active, healthy lifestyle. Properly designed regular exercise, carried out using the right techniques and in regular sessions enhance progress toward recovery.

* Note: We do not suggest that exercise and healthy lifestyle change provide a panacea or a cure-all. Moreover, it is not presented or intended to be a medical or a psychological therapy. Instead, we strongly recommend that our guests find the appropriate medical and psychological therapies for their specific problems and to help in this we make them aware of local resources. However, we do believe that the SoBeRFIT approach addresses a major component of most, if not all, substance dependency problems.